Dream! Never stop dreaming. Your home is your cocoon. Your unique space of freedom. A place where you can relax & entertain. Make every room a true reflection of you.

My curiosity has always compelled me to explore how we can actively create the life we want, rather than wait for it to happen to us. And there is no better, more intimate place to start designing the life you truly want, than in your own home.

What led me here ?

Design has been an important part of my life from a young age. I grew up surrounded by creativity, in a family of talented designers and artists. I always knew I wanted a career in design, creating spaces that bring people’s stories to life. My approach reflects my knowledge and passion for architecture and antiques, as well as contemporary art and design.

Interior design helps you to create a lifestyle of being in touch with your bliss. Follow your bliss and design a home worth living in.

What lights me up?

My own inspirations come from the vibrant and eclectic world around me, particularly nature, flowers, fashion, food, artwork and travel. Though many of my projects have been in the UK, my work has also taken me to far-flung places and spaces, embracing different cultures and people. 


My love of all things creative, design, styling, photography, storyboarding and storytelling enables me to create interiors that exquisitely fulfil my client’s brief with flair and good taste. I am always enthused and excited by the incredible journey of discovery I go on with my clients, to enhance their living space and, in doing so, enrich their lives.


From simple advice through to a top-to-bottom interior design approach, get in touch today to discuss your project. You could be just a few steps away from achieving your dream living space.