Be mesmerised by the power of flowers.

Fleur by Noëlle

Creating a floral aesthetic is an absolute essential in completing the look of your interior. The art of my floral arrangements is inspired by the interior space designed. Using flowers and foliage that could be contemporary and calming, fun and flirty or exotic and enigmatic… lending itself to the vibe and unique style of not only the interior its being created for, but that of the client as well.


Though I visit floral shows and workshops in Holland and Paris to ensure I’m in tune with current trends, my greatest influences are derived from fashion and interiors; as they both greatly inform my choice of colour combinations, form and texture of my arrangements.


My favourite flowers and foliage are peonies, hydrangeas, bells of Ireland and thistles. I think each possess cool and confident individuality yet works vibrantly well with others… I guess a bit of my own personality! Yet the ‘piéce de résistance’ is the bird of paradise! It’s ostentatious, elegant and full of energetic colour! It’s wonderful to explore your flower favourites and have fun enhancing your home decor.


This bespoke service by Tricia Noëlle offers you the most memorable of tablescapes, whether you’ve just completed an interior refurbishment, wanting a rich and enchanting table setting for the ultimate dining experience with your friends and family or creating a resplendent space of zen in your favourite room.

Fleur by Noelle Lead image


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